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  • 15 May 2017

    On May 13th, for the 11th year in a row, EU Open House was held in Washington, DC. As every year, our Embassy was visited by thousands of guests, who had a chance to learn more about Polish history, culture and cuisine.

    In preparation for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the rebirth of Poland, our Embassy prepared a special program focusing on the early years of Polish statehood after 1918 with an accent on common bonds between Poland and the United States. Special emphasis was placed on important events from the history of US-Poland relations including the diplomatic work of Ignacy Jan Paderewski who guaranteed the support of President Woodrow Wilson for Poland on the international arena through his “14 Points,” the recognition of Poland by the United States, the establishment of diplomatic relations between our two countries and the opening of diplomatic missions.


    In cooperation with the Polish Library in Washington, DC our Embassy presented the digitalized volumes of the “Polish Declaration of Admiration and Friendship for the United States”  from 1926 which are available online. The original document, made up of 111 volumes and contain around five and a half million signatures of Polish citizens is stored in the Library of Congress. Thanks to its digitalization the Declaration has become easily accessible to all and is a rich source of historical and genealogical information pertaining to the interwar period in Poland. Many guests looked through its pages with great interest, searching for relatives.


    The historical experience was enhanced with a fitting artistic program. A visual connection to the centennial celebration of Poland’s rebirth was provided through a specially prepared poster exhibit “Poland Regained: Polish Posters from 1980s to the 1930s” which was created for this occasion in cooperation with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and the Polish Poster Museum in Wilanow. The exhibit contains the work of, among others, Włodzimierz Tetmajer, Wojciech Kossak, Bogdan Nowakowski and Zygmunt Glinicki and displays how Polish society and culture was also invigorated in conjunction with the rebirth of the Polish state.


    Guests could feel the climate of the 1920s thanks to the work of actors dressed as famous Polish historical figures including Helena Paderewska, Count Kazimierz Lubomirski and Pola Negri. Pianist Marin Labazevitch performed on our original Paderewski piano dressed as Ignacy Jan Paderewski himself.


    Our Embassy also prepared special attractions including a sampling of Polish cuisine, screening of a film about modern Poland and games for children.


    Embassy of the Republic of Poland, Washington, DC 

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