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  • 16 February 2018

    On February 15, Ambassador Wilczek delivered a lecture at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security in Washington, DC. The lecture focused on energy security as a priority of both Europe and the United States.

    “The government of Poland has been strongly supporting the liberalization of LNG trade in bilateral discussions with the US administration and policy makers in Washington. We consider LNG as a viable and feasible way to diversify supplies, haggle down costs and also improve energy security among NATO allies in Europe” declared Ambassador Wilczek.


    The Ambassador explained that currently 80% of gas imported by Poland comes from the East. The conflict in Ukraine and the current political situation around the world shows that a diverse source of energy for Central Eastern Europe is an absolute priority. This is why an LNG import terminal was constructed in Poland, where the first delivery of American LNG was made on June 8, 2017.


    Ambassador Wilczek underscored the concerns that Poland has previously expressed about the proposed Nord Stream II pipeline, which would divide Europe and threatens the energy diversification plans in CEE. The Ambassador also recalled with satisfaction, that Poland’s position on this matter is similar with the position of the United States, which was declared by Secretary of State Tillerson during his recent visit to Warsaw.


    In his remarks the Ambassador indicated also the critical importance of the Three Seas Initiative for the building of an energy infrastructure network in the region. Energy cooperation is one of the pillars of economic cooperation of the 12 TSI countries.



    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC

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