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  • 10 October 2017

    During the celebration organized by The Savannah General Pulaski Committee on the occasion of 238th anniversary of the Battle of Savannah, plaques commemorating three Polish heroes of the American Revolutionary War were also unveiled.

    In his speech Ambassador Wilczek pointed out that Kosciuszko’s name is hard to remember and even harder to pronounce for Americans and as a result he is less known in the U.S. than Pulaski.


    He expressed the hope that such celebrations like the one on Monday at the Savannah battlefield “will help Americans to remember this Polish hero”, whom Thomas Jefferson called “as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known”.


    Speaking about the much better known in the U.S. Casimir Pulaski, the Ambassador emphasized that this former Leader of the Bar Confederation created four cavalry regiments consisting of 700 soldiers, then at his own expense equipped the Pulaski’s Legion – a hybrid unit of “cavalry and infantry”.


    Pulaski, called “the father of American cavalry”, is one of eight foreigners who were granted honorary American citizenship by the US Congress. Moreover, in 1929 Congress proclaimed October 11th as Pulaski Day. 


    During his visit in Savannah, Ambassador Wilczek toured the Pulaski Monument on Monterey Square and Fort Pulaski National Monument; he also met with representatives of the local Polish diaspora. 


    Embassy of the Republic of Poland

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