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  • 28 September 2017

    Ambassador Piotr Wilczek is interviewed for the EU Ambassador Spotlight Series, and discusses his first year as Poland’s Ambassador to the US, including his successes, challenges, and the specificity of diplomatic service.


    You moved to Washington D.C. to start your post as ambassador just two days before the U.S. elections. What was that like?


    When I arrived here in Washington almost everybody was sure that the winner would be Hillary Clinton, but the result was different. Most of my colleagues here were in shock. I soon realized that I was in a very similar position as my experienced diplomat colleagues because this was a major change for them in terms of friendships and political connections. A new world had begun with many question marks.


    My first feeling was that now I’ve just become part of this completely new political thriller… this was the first episode and there’ll be the next episode, but nothing will be like before. So from this point of view I was really excited that something new had just started, something very unpredictable with new people, new faces, and new connections to be made. Many did not accept the situation, but for me, I had no choice — I had to be involved. I had no sentiments, no connections or close friendships here in Washington, so I saw this as an opportunity to make new connections, to meet these new people.


    President Trump’s recent visit to Poland was an important moment in Polish history. Why was this also significant for Europe?


    I think it was very important for the region because of the historical experience of the region. Central/Eastern Europe is still perceived, especially in the West, as a separate entity, even though it isn’t. All these countries’ leaders with whom Donald Trump met with in Warsaw were EU members. Donald Trump’s visit was important because when you read his speech in Warsaw, it was about the Euro-Atlantic alliance, about security, unity, and what he called defending Western Civilization. I think it’s important that Europe remembers its heritage and that its unity is based on values. This emphasis of the role of Europe, European values, the Euro-Atlantic alliance, Trump’s speech was reassuring and very important.


    The whole interview can be read here.



    Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington, DC

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