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  • Land Forces

    Land Forces form the core of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland and are prepared to repulse airborne and land strikes of the enemy by means of active defensive operations. Land Forces are capable of operating in all areas of the country, in each direction and against all types of military threats.

    There are 118.000 soldiers, including 39.500 career servicemen, in Land Forces. The Forces are equipped with 1675 tanks, 1437 armored vehicles and 1092 pieces of guns (howitzers) caliber 122 mm and more. Land Forces consist of operational units and territorial defense units organized in two Military Districts (Pomeranian and Silesian) and one Airborne Mechanized Corps. Operational forces are responsible for defensive and offensive operations and, in peacetime, performing tasks such as training and participating in peacekeeping and humanitarian assignments. The core of the operational forces consists of seven divisions (including five mechanized divisions, Armored Cavalry Division and Coastal Defense Division), 25th Airborne Cavalry Brigade, 6th Airborne Assault Brigade and units of specialized arms and services.

    T-72 M1
    * The picture has been taken from: Polish Military Equipment by Dom Wydawniczy Bellona - Warszawa 1998

    Territorial defense forces are responsible primarily for supporting military operations conducted by operational forces and for defending assigned regions and facilities. Territorial defense forces support also civil defense units in fighting natural disasters. In the future (till the year 2012) territorial defense forces are to be organized in territorial defense brigades, amphibious construction brigades and independent battalions stationed all over the country.

    Land Forces HQ is based in Warsaw.

    Air and Air Defense Forces

    Air and Air Defense Forces constitute one of the three components of the Armed Forces. They are prepared to repulse airborne aggression of a potential enemy in wartime, and in peacetime they monitor the air space of the Republic of Poland.

    There are 43.000 soldiers serving in the Air and Air Defense Forces, including 18.000 career servicemen. The Forces are equipped with 272 fighter places, 38 stationary rocket launchers and 260 radar stations.

    MIG-29 Fulcrum A
    *The picture has been taken from: Polish Military Equipment by Dom Wydawniczy Bellona - Warszawa 1998

    Air and Air Defense Forces are composed of three basic elements:

    • Air Forces - responsible for theoperations of aircraft, with the greatest strikingcapability;
    • Air Defense Forces - responsibleprimarily for repulsing air attacks;
    • Radio Engineering Forces - supervisingair traffic over Poland and its immediate surrounding.

    The main forces of Air and Air Defense Forces (AADF) are organized in two Air Defense Corps. The AADF HQ is based in Warsaw.


    The Navy of the Republic of Poland is a separate branch of the Armed Forces. The Navy is responsible primarily for the defense of the Polish maritime border, protecting the freedom of navigation and safety of shipping and economic interests in the Polish territorial waters, and coastal defense.


    * The picture has been taken from: Polska Zbrojna nr 12/2000

    There are 14.800 soldiers, including 6.200 career servicemen, in the Navy. The Navy is equipped with 158 warships and auxiliary vessels and 85 aircraft. The Navy comprises naval vessels, aviation and land-based support units.

    The main forces of the Navy are organized in the four tactical units, subordinated directly to the Commander-in-chief of the Navy:

    • 3rd Flotilla of Warships,Gdynia - Oksywie;
    • 8th Flotilla of CoastalDefense, Swinoujscie;
    • 9th Flotilla of CoastalDefense, Hel;
    • Marine Aviation Brigade, Gdynia- Babie Doly.

    The Navy HQ is based in Gdynia.

    The strength of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland in 1999

    Military personnel

    Commissioned Officers:
    Warrant Officers:
    Non-Commissioned Officers:


    35 400
    24 300
    16 800
    122 200

    198 700


    Weapons and equipment

    Armored Fighting Vehicles:
    Artillery caliber 100 mm and more:
    Fighter planes:
    Assault helicopters:

    1 675
    1 437
    1 580

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